Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dragon Ball Z ep 229 - The Super-Confrontation of Destiny!! The Clash of Goku vs Vegeta

In order to get his fight and settle his score with Kakarotto, Vegeta has allowed himself to come under Babidi's spell. Goku realizes as much when he looks into Vegeta's cruel eyes, utterly devoid of self-control. This is what Vegeta has been waiting for. That Kakarotto, a Saiyan just like him, had overcome him and even saved his life was too much for Vegeta to bare. He was the Prince. He was at the height of his strength. Why should a lowly commoner surpass him so completely?! 

With only one day to settle the score before Goku returns to the Next World, for good, Vegeta is willing to go to any length to get his fight. The deaths of innocents, only fuel to the fire that now burns in his rival, ensuring their fight will be a fantastic one.

Vegeta is a true Saiyan.

and Kaioshin try to intervene...

But it's clear that no one will stop this fated duel from happening. So Goku calls for Babidi to move them to a place where no one else will be hurt from their fight, and the warlock gladly consents - so much energy they'll give to his precious Majin Boo. But Gohan and Kaioshin don't intend to be idle; They're going to force their way through Babidi's spaceship, and stop them from reviving Majin Boo once and for all.

In retaliation, Babidi commands Vegeta to kill Kaioshin. 
But Vegeta refuses, fighting back Babidi's control. 

Babidi is utterly shocked by Vegeta's strength of will. Though he has Vegeta's heart and mind under control, Vegeta's pride keeps him from being Babidi's man completely.

Dabra suggests they let Gohan and Kaioshin come to them by opening the door. After all, they don't want a shock to wake Majin Boo prematurely, and Babidi wanted to see Kaioshin die with his own eyes anyway.

Before Gohan leaves, Goku gives him a Senzu, and tells him to get angry. Because when Gohan is angry, Goku says, there is no guy he can't beat. 
Gohan is sorry that Goku's one precious day had to turn out like this.

 Goku and Vegeta transform to Super Saiyan 2, surpassing Gohan from seven years ago.

The ultimate duel is upon us.


  1. This is a rare case where I'm glad they padded the hell out of this fight. The manga only having like seven pages of Goku vs. Majin Vegeta was pretty weak, in my opinion. If you're gonna have a rematch, have a rematch.

  2. Only Kaioshin would be dumb enough to get in the way of the inevitable... and back down like a pussy.

  3. where are the episodes 230-231 and the others?