Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dragon Ball Z ep 228 - Vegeta, Prince of Destruction, Revived!! Intrusion at the Tournament

As Dabra retreats, promising a new warrior to take his place in the fighting, tensions run high between the Saiyans due to Gohan's inability to finish off the Demon King. Vegeta, in particular, has run out of patience.

"I am going to have a major B.F."
(A B.F. is a Bitch Fit.)

And B.F. Vegeta has, blaming Gohan's soft nature for the furthering of this, to his view, pointless game. At his wit's end, Vegeta begins to charge up a ki blast to make his way further down to where Babidi and Dabra wait with Majin Boo's containment ball. Kaioshin pleads with Vegeta to see reason, but it's only Goku who can calm him down. (Gay.)

Goku wonders what Dabra meant by finding a new suitable warrior for them to fight, and Kaioshin, looking over the Saiyans, cracks the admittedly all-too-obvious code.

(The mathematical marvel of the century.)

Pleased with Dabra's findings, 
Babidi begins to channel his magic to take control of Vegeta's wicked heart. 
And Majin Vegeta is born. 
(And thus stand stiff a thousand fanboy erections.)

Babidi takes the Saiyans and Kaioshin and transports them to the Tenka-ichi Budokai arena for their fight. He commands his new servant to beat the energy out of Gohan and the rest, but Vegeta refuses. His fight is only with Son Goku. Despite having control over Vegeta's wicked heart... Babidi doesn't actually have control at all. But what the hell, Babidi figures this won't backfire on him at all.

Then, Vegeta... 
... in front of everyone ... 
... begins to attack Goku. 
And in doing so, causes the deaths of a thousand Budokai fans. 
"Just bein' a dick."


  1. LOL but honestly, I'd be mad too if someone was turning a simple situation into a complete mess.

    1. But what was Gohan turning into a complete mess by not 1HKO-ing Dabura? Goodness knows that things escalate to that status quickly a lot in the show (like uh, now for example), but Vegeta was just being impatient here because of his issues with feelings (ewwwwww, feelings). It wasn't that he wanted it done right, but that he wanted it done so he could go off and do the f-word with Goku. (and by that I mean f......ight, of course.)

    2. Even though the reasoning was basically selfish, Vegeta had a point in that they should intervene. Gohan was clearly struggling against Dabra (Goku even agreed his performance wasn't up to par and Dabra was a lot stronger than he gave him credit for) and I'm also in the camp that he'd eventually die barring his rage boost but Goku thinks that would be "unfair". I mean, it's not like Gohan would have minded that help and Dabra wanted to take them all at once so it wouldn't be "unfair" to him either.

      Besides, it wasn't really aimed at Gohan. It was Kaioshits (and to a lesser extent, Goku).

  2. Don't get me wrong, but it would be kind of cool to see Bardock as a Majin, but in full control...

  3. sometimes I don't quite get if saiyans are suppose to be honorable in any way. Certainly Raditz constantly backpedaled, and nappa didn't seem that way.

    But vegeta seems to play act at it sometimes, like during the cell crap when he thought he was the strongest. But now he wants to gang up on someone who's putting up a fight? well I think he later says he wanted to come off as impatient to get the majin power boost. I wonder if Dabura got a power boost as major as Vegeta's cause that would mean he was truely weaker than Gohan. Well He seemed weaker than Gohan anyway.