Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dragon Ball Z ep 227 - A Wicked Heart Discovered!! Dabra's Great Idea

Son Gohan has powered up to his full strength an undetermined level of strength in order to fight Dabra!

Unimpressed, Gohan tells Dabra to use his full power! 
Dabra obliges. 
Trapped underwater with Dabra waiting for him, Gohan uses a move he once saw his dad use against Freeza.
Unlike Freeza, Dabra can sense ki
So it doesn't work out. 
Vegeta begins to grow impatient with Gohan. 
Gohan is nearly turned to stone! 
But thankfully, removes his glove in time.

Meanwhile, at the Budokai, #18 is reunited with Marron
"Have you been a good girl?" 
Bulma asks if 18 is malfunctioning - how else could she lose to Mr. Satan? But 18 rudely brushes her off, unwilling to reveal that she lost for a massive payday.

Elsewhere, Trunks and Goten happily fly off to where wizards and magic monsters are waiting for them to see. But Goten has a question - what is a Majin, anyway? Trunks is aghast! Why is he so excited to see a Majin if he doesn't know what a Majin is? So Goten asks Trunks to explain... and Trunks can't, since he privately doesn't really know what it is either. So he settles on a Majin being a really incredible guy... probably. Goten is unwavering in his excitement. (Wakuwaku!)

Back at the fight, Dabra uses demon magic to summon a sword. 
"I want to fight you."
(Not now, Zoro.)
Gohan snaps the blade in half!
(Couldn't Dabra just summon another?
Vegeta, tired of waiting, decides he'll enter the fray and end this now. Goku insists that he wait, and give Gohan his turn, but Vegeta isn't willing to listen. 
After all, the only reason he entered that ridiculous tournament was to settle his score with Kakarotto! 
Dabra makes note of Vegeta's attitude, and gets a wonderful idea. 
Calling for Babidi to bring them back to the spaceship, Dabra informs him of his new plan... 
... turn Vegeta's wicked heart into a weapon!

Because, as we all know, there is nothing more wicked and evil than impatience.


  1. That first screencap of Gohan is lovely.

  2. Dabra is just really good at picking out the douchebag in a group of people.

    1. Isn't that because he kinda is one himself?

  3. Vegeta is my favourite ninja in the american cartoon dragonheroesZ. I cant wait for him to fight luffy. The Tenrou arc was magnificent