Friday, June 7, 2013

Dragon Ball Z ep 226 - Confrontation with the Demon King! It's Your Turn, Gohan!!

It's the final bout of the 25th Tenka-ichi Budokai. Mr. Satan vs #18. And Mr. Satan knows his goose is cooked. So 18 offers him a deal; She'll let him win, if he pays her 20 million zeni - double the prize money. Although that's a tremendous amount of money...

... Mr. Satan couldn't take the shame of losing his fame.

So Mr. Satan is back in the game! With 18 now working for him... 
... Mr. Satan launches into a flurry of punches! 
Then he throws her across the ring! 
Then, his final attack...!!! "Satan Miracle Special Ultra Megaton Punch!"
"... This is your finishing technique?" 
"Y-Yes... for the time being." 
Muten Roshi and the others have no idea what just happened.
"If you don't pay me, I'll kill you."

Meanwhile, Videl runs into Goten and Trunks, so she explains to them about Madoshi Babidi, Majin Boo, and all the rest of it. 
Magic and wizards?! Goten and Trunks thinks that sounds fucking awesome
So they fly off toward their dads' kis to take part. 

Back at Babidi's spaceship, Dabra has at last revealed himself to be the boss of Stage 3. 
Gohan challenges him to a one-on-one fight! 
To protect the spaceship from any shocks, Babidi transports them to a planet much like Earth, at the request of Dabra, who is so badass he gives his opponent a handicap.
An intense fight has begun!!


  1. I really enjoy this blog its funny and I love the pictures and captions. Its a really good way to re cap on episodes! Nice job ^_^ -Rowanne