Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BONUS CONTENT! The Arrival of Raddish

Dragon Ball Kai ep 7 - The Battle With Ten-Times Gravity! Goku, Your Training Is a Race

After a solid first attempt to catch Kaio-sama's monkey, Bubbles-kun, Goku relaxes as he finally feeds his six-month long hunger with some of Kaio's choicest dishes. (Which he says stuffed him full, despite the taste.) Despite it all, Goku's curious how Kaio-sama keeps himself from getting bored while living on such a tiny planet.

Dragon Ball Kai ep 6 - The End of the Line is Reached! Kaio-sama's Playful Trials

Six long months have passed since Son Gohan was left out in the wilderness by Piccolo, in preparation for the on-coming Saiyan invasion. Then, Gohan was a four-year-old crybaby without an ounce of toughness in him, but brimming with the potential to be a powerful warrior. Now, he's a five-year-old badass with a rad 80s anime mullet who doesn't give a fuck.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Evil Dragon Saga (DBGT episodes 48 - 64)

Dragon Ball GT is coming to a close. And back in 1997, when these episodes were produced, that meant that Dragon Ball itself would end; Presumably, forever. Dragon Ball GT, which was a barely passable sequel to DBZ up until this point, had the unenviable task of drawing to a close the biggest anime and manga series of all time. A task that, with their current track record of being mediocre at best and offensively terrible at worst, GT was almost certainly destined to fail.

BONUS CONTENT! It's the End of the World as We Know It